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This is a link to a web site to play games for youth to learn about youth and hunger around the world.  Games include “Go Goat Go”, Free Rice tests your skills in math, English, geography art, chemistry, and foreign languages. For every question that you answer correctly 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end world hunger. So fill tummies while you beef up your brain!  A great way for a child to participate in a mission. project.

Related Links

The Links listed on this page go to other web sites for different resources in basic skills and faith based, family oriented games, trivia and crafts.

About.com Family Crafts

This web site offers patterns and instructions on family oriented crafts.  This month’s feature is Christmas Angles.

Little Dittle Web site

All type of learning activities, including color recognition and music.  Birthday party games, puzzles and coloring pages.

Up To Ten

Kids game site for learning basic skills and memory training.  Includes games on math, animated cards and activities.

Know the Bible

For the older child to test their knowledge of the bible with trivia questions and Bible study.  The site also offers daily Bible verses and quotes.  The link runs as a browser toolbar add-on.

Play Kids Games

Lay Kids Games.com is a site designed by parents of young kids.

The intent is to provide a web site that parents and kids can use to  learn basic skills while having fun in a safe place to learn computer, math, reading and problem solving skills in a context that is fun to use.

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Primary Games


New website for Primary age school children for online games of recognition, and basic memory skills.  Developed by a school teacher and rated very well.


A great place for looking for additional Sunday School related material.


Free Lenten Devotionals for Families. 

Several websites are now offering downloadable or subscriptions for free to a Lenten Season devotional series.  Take advantage to these offers to hold family session devotionals for the Easter season bringing your family closer to God. A few of the links have been included below.


Bible Gateway            YouVersion                  UMC Home



Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the start of “The Bible” miniseries beginning March 3 on the History channel.